Some interesting facts

Closed loop – from the stage of conceptual design, through architectural and engineering design, to interior design and building quality control. Recently, we have established a multi-disciplinary engineering team. Working together under one roof accelerates the workflow, naturally improves communication, allows more detailed knowledge of projects and allows us to have expert technical assessment during meetings and discussions, whether in the office or on site.

An advantage not only for our company, but also for the economy as a whole, is that alongside these projects and the contacts of our directors there are more investments as well as new job opportunities in rural Bulgaria.

We have a dynamic office consisting of 40 people. What distinguishes our company from many others is the belief in nurturing potential from our staff, many of whom who are recent graduates, and who remain because of the opportunities for personal development.



At Stephen George International we employ talented architects and technical staff on a diverse portfolio of exciting projects. We are always interested in meeting new architects, engineers and students who might want to bring their talent and ambition to our team in the future.

We are committed to a positive employment policy, and actively encourage our staff to take training and promotion opportunities.




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